About Will


Will Weston is a highly experienced professional artist and art instructor. He has worked as an artist in several capacities for Disney Feature and Television Animation, Nickelodeon Studios for “Avatar, the Last Airbender” and Sony Pictures for “Open Season”.

Prior to his animation work, Will was an advertising and editorial illustrator, working nationally through agents in New York, Los Angeles & Chicago. Will holds an MFA in painting from Claremont Graduate University.

While solidly grounded in traditional art and illustration technique, Will is equally at home with digital drawing and painting, and moves between the two as needed for the project at hand, as was the case at Disney Studios, Nickelodeon and Sony Pictures.

Will is currently a full-time professor at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, and is the Entertainment Arts Advisor to its Illustration Department. Will also teaches seminars to professionals and graduate students at various locations, including the USC Graduate School of Animation and the Animation Guild. His past teaching experience includes Otis Art Institute, where he helped develop the Communications Design and Illustration department, The California State University, Northridge, and California State University, Fullerton, where he advised the curriculum committee developing its digital animation program. Additionally, Will has taught at numerous community colleges throughout Southern California.

His extensive teaching experience allows Will to understand a broad range of student needs and different learning styles, delivering effective curriculum in an engaging manner.  Balancing that is the real-world professional background that he brings to the classroom and studio, helping to prepare students for the challenges of today’s dynamic and rapidly changing work environment.